Course Selection (International Exchange Students)

发布时间: 2016-09-16

Besides the courses offered at their host colleges, international exchange students are allowed to log in academic system ( to select any course available in other departments and colleges. Students are supposed to select courses according to the requests made by their home universities as well as their study plans and individual interests.

1) Time for Course Selection:

Major and cross-disciplinary courses: at the beginning of every new semester.

General electives: The online course selection system is only accessible at the very beginning of the new semester for new international students. For those on one-year exchange programs, the online course selection system is accessible at the end of the first semester as well as at the beginning of the second semester.

2) Procedures of Course Selection:

Major courses: relevant instructions including course information and curricular modules can be gained at the teaching secretary of your major. Attention should be paid that the number of courses and total credits cannot exceed the maximum as what teaching secretaries tell you.

Cross-disciplinary courses: relevant instructions including course information and curricular modules can be gained at the teaching secretary of your major. Students can only select courses under the guidance of the teaching secretary after getting approval of both colleges.

General electives: course information and teaching plans are arranged by the Academic Affairs Office and the Graduate School. All the general electives should be selected via the online course selection system.

Note: Exchange students are required to select all the courses via the academic system and the final transcript will be granted according to the course records in the system. Courses that are not selected via the academic system will not be included in the final transcript.

3) International exchange students should confirm the validity of every course selection by themselves. The records of course registrations could be accordingly found and recognized in the academic system, by the lecturer, and by the teaching secretaries. In order to avoid confusion, late entry in courses without permission is forbidden. It will result in a failure of credit earning at the end of the semester.

4) International exchange students must select courses in accordance with procedures of course selection. Credits will be given after you pass the examinations. Transcripts will be sent to appointed offices of your home university within 3 months of next semester. If there is any question about the transcript, please contact the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation via your home university.

5) Major Activities: (Please refer to the “Orientation Week for the New Semester” for detailed information)

1. Registration time: in the mid of February and September

2. Orientation: in the afternoon of the designated registration date or in the next morning

3. Add/drop Week before Course Selection: the first week upon new semester registration