Key Units and Functions

General Office

Responsibilities include: daily management, financial management, undergraduate teaching expenditure management, stamp and official documents management, meeting and reception arrangement, and personnel appraisal, etc.

Teaching Affairs Section

Responsibilities include: undergraduate programs and teaching plans supervision, course arrangement and selection, classroom arrangement, teaching reforms and teaching researches, quality control, teaching evaluation and course assessment, etc.

Student’s Academic Affairs Section

Responsibilities include: Undergraduate student status management, grades management, exemptions from graduate entrance exams, exchange students affairs, examination administration (including CET4/6), and graduation-related affairs, etc.  

Experiments and Multimedia Teaching Section

Responsibilities include: labs and public infrastructure for teaching planning and management, practical teaching and practice base, National Undergraduate Innovative Entrepreneurship Training Programs, and academic competitions, etc.

Xiang’an Campus Office

Responsibilities include: ensures the smooth and regulated operations of all teaching activities of Xiang’an Campus, builds a scholastic atmosphere on Xiang’an Campus, and cooperates with all the other sections on Siming Campus,etc.