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Academic Affairs Office is a key administrative office which is committed to delivering quality service to ensure continuous enhancement of teaching quality and cultivation of high-quality talents. We support student learning through a variety of programs that develop and maintain excellence in instruction, in curriculum, and in the academic environment.

In fulfilling our mission, the office:

  • coordinates academic programs, planning and review;

  • coordinates and monitor the curricula

  • Improves, manages and examines teaching schemes

  • ensures the smooth and regulated operations of all teaching activities

  • establishes teaching reforms and teaching researches

  • prioritizes the use and allocation of teaching resources

  • Drafts and amends teaching regulations

The Academic Affairs Office consists of the following division: Teaching Affairs Section, Student’s Academic Affairs Section, Experiments and Multimedia Teaching Section and Xiang’an Campus Academic Affairs Office. Our director is Professor Ji Guojun.

* The above information is subject to changes made by the University.